Deforestation Tech by the Good People at Mineco

I’m a sucker for mecha that offer new overall shapes and silhouettes, which is why this “Summer Leaf” MineCo Resource Harvesting Suit (Lumberjack Class) grabbed my attention amidst the Flickr chatter. Brickthing‘s top-heavy mech reads uniquely anime to me, and while some might complain that it’s not very realistic to balance such bulk on those spindly legs and feet, I’d argue that giant robots and realism seldom go together well. This thing just looks amazing, so engineering be damned. It seems like it’s part of a larger “MineCo” series of mechs, another of which can be seen by clicking through the image above and checking out all the photos in this set. I’m especially into this because of the backstory which could be a pretty cool theme—giant mechs used for the gathering of natural resources in some overgrown alien environment. I’d love to see this world and all its tech fleshed out soon on Brickthing‘s stream.

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