(Bloodthirsty) Angels We Have Heard On High

Apparently, every now and then (and then…and then…and then), the forces of “good” need to be really “bad” in order maintain the status quo. Enter the Sanguinary Angels, a host of winged warriors sent from on high by minifig customizer Tuminio. Really, to call him a “customizer” is an understatement, because the level of work on these borderlines fig “creation” really. It’s like that age-old dork question: At what point does a cyborg become more machine than man? There’s a group of FOLs out there who continue to push the envelope and make purists cry. Wah. Well, from where I stand, these things are gorgeous. Once you realize all the by-hand and with-love work that goes into these things and accept a certain level of roughness, they’re true works of art. Did I mention the real fur? Well there you go then.

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