Autobots…Roll Out!!!

If you’re looking at the image above and wondering why I’m posting an image of a non-LEGO toy from the 80s, look again. It’s easy to think that the above isn’t made of interlocking plastic because it’s so cleanly made, but, alas, it’s pure brick goodness. And I’m not talking about ugh-quality Kre-O here, either. Flickr user bricked one built this stand-out Generation 1 Optimus Prime and went for broke. Not only does this thing look spot-on, but it’s transformable, radio-controlled with Power Functions, and has features and details that only those of us who’ve actually played with the original 80s Hasbro toy [Fig. 1] or the ├╝ber-geeky fan with the MISB 2003 Japanese Collectors Edition Convoy [Fig. 2] could love. I mean, bricked one built Roller, people. What? And an Energon Axe? Stop already. And have I mentioned that this thing is minifig scale? Game over. I remember how excited I was when I realized that the original G1 Optimus Prime toy had seats in the truck, Roller, and the laser cannon thing in the transforming trailer that fit those tiny Diaclone figures from Japan [Fig. 3]. (My cousin had a few of these pilots from another giant robot toy he brought from the Philippines. Jelleh?)

To sum up, this thing is ridiculously awesome. It’s an example of a custom LEGO model that goes way above and beyond the call of nerd duty. On behalf of dorks everywhere, I salute bricked one. To bring this post home, I’ve included two videos below. First we have the builder’s own video showcasing all the different features packed into this MOC. (Oh yes…”The Touch” is an 80s cheese classic.)

Next, here’s a commercial from the original Japanese toy that Hasbro would eventually buy the rights to repackage and sell here in the U.S. Without Diaclone, there would be no Transformers…period. I include it here, not only to offer some geek history, but also to show the original toy and all its features…a few of which I’ve mentioned above and are shown here with some pretty cool animation. (C’mon…the smoke on those moving trucks is cool.)

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