APC…Easy As 1 2 3…

The AFOL known plainly as .Jake claims that this is the first time he’s built anything military-esque in a long while. After you check out his Hercules APC, you may be tempted to call him a liar. But don’t do that, cuz that’s just rude. Instead, simply smile and admire how incredible this MOC is. The colors, the shape…this is a really great vehicle. It reminds me of a Cobra H.I.S.S. tank crossbred with a Skyfighter from the original “V” miniseries. The Hercules seats 10 troops who are so badass that they can run around in bright red uniforms without getting shot. Skill. Based on the many photos of this MOC, this thing is clearly filled to the brim with playability. (What’s the tank equivalent of “swooshing”, anyway?) Here’s hoping .Jake continues this sort of MOCcing.

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