And How Do DC Heroes Get It Done?

Following up on yesterday’s Marvel-centric superhero dress-up meme, I decided to give our DC heroes some airtime and get some insights on how the big names from this camp get ready for a night of cosplay crime-fighting. Here’s an oldie-but-goodie by ZetoVince depicting The Dark Knight’s Batcave complete with Bruce Wayne, his evening wear in a fancy display case, and his loc’d out g-ride. (Nerd Alert: Technically-speaking, that’s not actually the Batcave but some undisclosed ├╝ber-fluorescent-lamp-using staging area from Nolan’s second Bat-film. Okay, I’m done now.) If you’re so interested, ZetoVince was offering instructions for his phenomenal version of the Tumbler, so click through the image above for more info.

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