A Little Mech Goes A Long Way

This brave little mech by Titolian, dubbed the カメ-Series BattleMech, once again showcases the flexibility of the LEGO medium for portraying highly-detailed small models just as effectively as the big’uns. The form factor of this tiny guy is pretty impressive. It’s reminiscent of the Tachikoma from one of my favorite anime/manga series but incorporates some nice building to make it a cool mech all its own. I especially like the NPU for the “ears” where Titolian incorporates the top half of the 2×2 turntable plate whose underside has that oft overlooked dot and pin pattern. I also have a soft-spot for MOCs that combine System and Bionicle pieces. Some would say that’s a no-no…such wanton disrespect for the purity of the brick and all that nonsense. There are no rules…just make MOCs that rule.

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