A Toyshelf To Die For

I think if, as a kid, I came home and found 그리드‘s LEGO-made mecha and superhero creations on my shelf, my head would’ve exploded. This is the stuff I dreamed of making and, time-and money willing, hope to actually do some day. You really just have to click through the image above to check out the photostream, but here are a few highlights. First up, this version of Iron Man is a work of art. It makes TLG’s Iron Man Hero Factory model look amateur. Or perhaps this funky creature dubbed “Provoking” is more your thing. This is a brilliant mind at work.

(Bloodthirsty) Angels We Have Heard On High

Apparently, every now and then (and then…and then…and then), the forces of “good” need to be really “bad” in order maintain the status quo. Enter the Sanguinary Angels, a host of winged warriors sent from on high by minifig customizer Tuminio. Really, to call him a “customizer” is an understatement, because the level of work on these borderlines fig “creation” really. It’s like that age-old dork question: At what point does a cyborg become more machine than man? There’s a group of FOLs out there who continue to push the envelope and make purists cry. Wah. Well, from where I stand, these things are gorgeous. Once you realize all the by-hand and with-love work that goes into these things and accept a certain level of roughness, they’re true works of art. Did I mention the real fur? Well there you go then.

To the West!

-infomaniac- has built a serenely spectacular scene entitled “An Unexpected Discovery” inspired by the Western Air Temple from the latter episodes of the epic Avatar: The Last Airbender. Building an upside-down temple on the side of mountain is definitely a feat, whether it’s with wood, tile, or ABS plastic, but I think it’s the detailing in the rocks and foliage that make the actual building stand out. I especially love the design of the trees and the subtle mineral striations in the cliffside. Now that’s brickbending. Be sure to click through to see this from all angles, thanks to Nannan’s photos from Brickworld.

I’m Up to Something.

Ka-GO is now Brick Something...

As you might have noticed, the times they are a changing. The blog formerly known as Ka-GO shall henceforth be known as Brick Something and all interweb traffic once pointed to www.ka-go.net should now be directed over here at www.bricksomething.com. So say we all. “Why?” you ask? Read more »

To Wreck or Not To Wreck

…that’s the real question when one is operating this Wrecktor mech by SuperHardcoreDave. I’m really appreciating the balance between the simplified geometry of the upper body and the details of the lower body. It’s an animalistic mech that doesn’t go overboard with the concept. Sure, it’s got teeth, but if you aren’t looking close, you might even miss them. It’s highly reminiscent of the mechs that were the onboard defenses of Robotech’s SDF-1, but definitely leaps beyond the reference in its own unique direction. Click through to see the features up close, including the cockpit and what I think are pretty impressive feet. Ha. No, really.

Some More Super Hardcore Red

It seems that SuperHardcoreDave either has a theme / faction going or has red on the brain. Either way, we’re getting some great deep crimson MOCs to inspire us. Here is the L1 – Commander, a vehicle inspired by spaceship concept artwork by artist Ryan Church. On its own, it’s a fascinating ship with its six-winged geometry which alludes to a starburst or even some sort of sea creature (turtle?). The angle shown above is especially striking. It’s unclear as whether or not SuperHardcoreDave is actually done with it, but, if not, it’s a pretty good looking WIP.

The Best Solution to a Problem is Usually the Easiest One

Easily, Portal is one of the few stand-out twenty-first century video game series that has caught the attention of my inner gamer-in-recovery, with its hybrid first-person-shooter-slash-puzzle-game sensibility. Put simply, it’s simply cool. So yeah, it’s a perfect candidate for LEGO-ization. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t really pass CUUSOO’s guidelines. Really though, who cares, because these are mostly simple enough for any of us to build on our own, thanks to the brilliant designs by collaborators Brickthing and [Lego Junkie]. They’ve put together a gallery of their work on this theme that really showcases what good building is all about. I especially like the title-appropriate modular building approach seen here. Now all we need are just a few custom elements for one of the many third-party custom houses to take up, and we’re on like Donkey Kong.

Just the Cling I’ve Been Looking For!

Let’s just say that I’m no fan of stickers on my models. They’re too much of a commitment to me, especially because I tend not to keep things built and am most into the building part of the whole “building toy” thing. In my perfect world, printed elements would run aplenty, or at least moreso than they do now. However, I am really into the visual aspect of stickers and do think they can really add a whole lot to a model. With that said, the best middle-of-the-road solution is static cling! I’m late to the party, but apparently BrickStix has been making these available since ToyFair earlier this year. What’s especially notable about their product is that it was all dreamed up by a then nine-year-old KFOL named Greyson to accessorize his own models. My hat’s off to him and his family for bringing this concept to the table. Currently there are themed packs—WWII, Zombies, Comics, etc.—of the static cling reusable “stickers” as well as your garden variety decals that are apparently more positionable and less icky-on-the-bricky. Seems brilliant to me. The only complaint that I have is that the design needs to be pushed a little more in future products. In my opinion, they’re not quite up to par with TLG’s design sensibility, but I’m sure that this will change with time. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, so let’s just say that I think I’ll be designing myself up some static cling designs as a salute to these good folks. Stay tuned for more info.

Holy Ship!!!

Behold the Polarcus Alima, an oceanographic vessel that’s truly minifig scale by Lego Monster. The size alone is remarkable, not to mention the demonstrated building know-how. The brick-built “Polarcus” and color blocking are highly impressive. Too bad this would cost a fortune to build, because I think every kid should get a chance to build and play with this sort of model at home. Dare to dream.

He Ain’t Chibi…He’s My Brother

Chibi ARF Trooper by M<0><0>DSWIM

If Andy Warhol were alive, he’d definitely be making screenprints of clone troopers given how much of an icon these things have become. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, like this Chibi ARF Trooper by M<0><0>DSWIM. Definitely a cool little MOC, this guy is one of a series of his Chibi Star Wars models that you can check out by clicking through the image above.