The Dark Knights Gets Bricked

Batman just isn’t Batman if he isn’t striking a really cool pose, which is why M McCooey‘s self-described Masterpiece MOC of The Dark Knight stands out. Minifigs are cool and all, but they just can’t pull off a decent superhuman pose. Especially impressive is this thing’s purist approach and how it incoporates the black sails to create this hero’s signature cape. There are plenty of photos over at MOCpages, so definitely click through the image bove to see more. [Thanks to ComicBricks for the lead.]

This Gives New Meaning to “Love – Love”

I’m no tennis fan, so it says a lot about how highly I regard this MOC to feature it here. “Let’s Go Murray!” by Hammerstein NWC is a well-photographed vignette that really captures the drama and action of the sport in a truly dynamic way. That’s not to say that it’s all about the photography, because the MOC itself is pretty clever in its simplicity. Definitely one of the best uses of that custom minifig arm by V&A Steamworks. Now, if I only knew who Andy Murray was…

This Time Loki’s Goin’ in with Bigger Guns

Okay, so Loki’s a “god” right? You’d think he would’ve planned that whole invasion attempt a little better, but hey, one man’s “god” is another man’s “alien”, right? Not all-knowing after all, this Asgardian made a few miscalculations, but he’s learned his lesson and is coming back for more with this MXSC-R1 Pillar of Doom vehicle in tow. Builder Yuri Fassio might have built something that’s Hulk-proof here. (Not really, but let’s go with it.) This thing is massive!!! It’s armed to the teeth and comes with a small troupe of mechs that seem to have the tactical worth of the entire Chitauri army. Click through the image above to see a ton of great photos of this thing over at MOCpages or check out a video of it on Flickr.

A Steamy Pile of War

Isaiah.S has unleashed the Steampunk Battle Tripod on an unsuspecting historical timeline. Whoever’s on the wrong side of these things better beware. I love a good mech that’s deceptively simple, and this uses carefully placed details really effectively. The “knee” area of the tripod legs is a good example, with those clunky, overtly machine-looking claw pieces hanging off those fixtures. Definitely click through the image above to give this MOC a good look. It’s especially delightful for me because I’ve actually never come across this builder’s work before. Apparently he just joined Flickr a few days ago, and I’ve been pretty much exclusively hanging out there when it comes to AFOLin’. (I know…I really do need to check out MOCpages and the like more…but I digress.) So yeah, stay tuned to check out some more of his other great work.

I’m Dreaming of a White…Uh-Oh.

Yup, today is my personal introduction to the work of Isaiah.S, so let’s check out some of his other fantastic (pun intended) work, shall we? This…thing…is…cree…py…creepy! It’s the builder’s first attempt at “White Fantasy“, a play off of the Black Fantasy theme of nightmarish creatures and vignettes using nearly 100% black pieces. So yeah, here it is in white, and, despite the inverted color scheme, this thing is still straight out of your deepest, darkest fears. (If it doesn’t scare you, that’s a by-product of racist acculturation…chuckle…couldn’t resist.) The sort of lattice thing going on for the spine area is made up of those Ninjago skeleton arms, using the part’s bend and twisted clip connections to produce a natural looking twisted shape. It’s amazing. Just like with Black Fantasy creations, sometimes the tiniest break in the monochromatic color palette makes a world of difference. Here, it’s the tiny transparent blue hidden in the center of the “eye” piece through the hole of the radar dish’s stud. And those oversized hands? An impressive choice…they give this thing the subtle threat they need to drive the point home: Be afraid.

Now That’s Foxy!

I found this image of this funky fox on Bad Leo‘s Flickr Photostream and fell in love with both it’s cuteness and clever building. It’s not really clear of this was actually built by Bad Leo or just a random photo, but either way, let’s appreciate this little bugger together, shall we?

Human Minifigs Aren’t Alone in the LEGO Universe

Variety is the spice of life, which is why I love these Myconids, a species of giant fungal humanoids created by :jovian:. (Think mushroomy ents.) These are fantastically brick-built using some non-traditional techniques, such as those used for the arm and leg joints. I especially like the use of the minifig hoods on the taller one’s shoulders. Definitely a wonderful set of beings to occupy any sci-fi or fantasy world one might build.

Vignettes So Super They Need No Vowels

Rein Dionisio has established on ongoing series of Lego Super Heroes Vignettes that are all simple yet powerful in their ability to pack in some pleasant surprises. Generally you have to have a little working knowledge of the characters to get the punchlines, but even without being a total comic geek, you can still glean a bit of the humor and, of course, admire the understated building prowess. My personal favorites are featured here—SPRMNxLXLTHR, MGNT, WLVRNxSBRTTH (Superman vs. Lex Luthor, Magneto, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth…for those in need of vowels)—but click through the image above to see Wonder Woman get a speeding ticket, Batman and the Joker pallin’ around, and Mary Jane shooing away a creeper Spider-man. Fun fun fun.