Squint and You’ll Miss Him

levork‘s teeny-tiny Atom Picofig is both an impressive feat of miniature painting as well as pretty darn cool. It’s definitely not easy to get those little muscle details rendered so cleanly on one of those 1-by trophy pieces. It takes some serious focus, patience, and hand-cramping. Oh, and I can’t finish this without mentioning how great of an idea this was in the first place. Being a Marvel person, I’d rather see an Ant-Man picofig, but that’s neither here nor…nevermind. Good stuff, so click the image above to take a closer look.

[Correction: Whoops! Apparently the red and blue were painted, but the black line details were decals. Ahhhh. Of course. Still...pretty clever.]

Aliens Conquered Comic-Con!!!

If you were lucky enough to be at the ultimate geek-fest this past weekend, you might’ve noticed that LEGO’s Alien Conquest had made its way to the convention floors via NorbyZERO‘s wearable MOC version of the Alien Clinger. This is definitely a unique approach to building and a fantastic opportunity to introduce the larger comic / movie geek audience to some of the lesser known (other than to FOLs, of course) LEGO themes. There aren’t really other shots on this innovative builder’s photostream, but you have to see this thing in 360° on Gamespot.

“Toss Me.”

Daniel Z “DNL”‘s version of The Hornburg at Helm’s Deep brings the Peter Jackson version of The Two Towers to life…well, LEGO life. The TLG version is pretty neat in itself, but this definitely shows what can be done if real-world factors like price and kid-friendly builds weren’t an issue. Above is a beautiful shot of one of my favorite scenes from the entire trilogy. “Don’t tell the elf!” [Thanks to io9 for the lead.]

One Person’s Nightmares…Another’s Wildest Dreams

Leave it it a FOL named Lord Oblivion the Great to unleash this Beast of Terror on the world. Sure, it’s scary, but this was the kind of model that I dreamt about as a kid. If this was on the market to battle those Hero Factory guys, I’m pretty sure kids would clamor. Just saying. I love the variety of weight, with the bulky top constrasted by the spindly legs and all of it balanced on two chunky feet. The coloring is subtle and simple, leaving one to focus on the danger (aka “badassness”) of this thing’s claws and teeth. Love it.

The Turtles Get Busted

This really is a Golden Age for old people like me reliving our childhoods, which, at one point, we thought was a Golden Age. [Keanu voice: Whoa.] I mean, a new Batman movie’s coming out this weekend, the Avengers movie kicked all kinds of butt this summer, Tranformers and My Little Pony are all the rage, and LEGO’s experiencing a renaissance via its Superheroes and Lord of the Rings licenses the likes of the advent of LEGO Star Wars. Yup, it’s a good time. But wait…there’s MORE! Remember Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? (Or maybe that silly, albeit hugely popular cartoon?) Awwwwwwww yeah. Well, they’re due for a new show on Nickelodeon soon, and they’re slowly becoming a new brickmeme amongst FOLs. I submit Exhibits A through D…four beautifully graphic Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Fredoichi. He built the “red one” aka Raphael, and Photoshopped the rest, but us über-geeks know the truth: They’re all red ones!!!

Look! Up in the sky…

…oh wait. Okay, so this isn’t the superhero we’re all familiar with, but given all the attention the cape-and-tights set has been getting lately, it’s pretty nice to appreciate some good high-flying action in the form of a neat vehicle. And this isn’t just any old plane, mind you. Thanks to JonHall18, you and I get to marvel at the F-30 Vanguard, a fine specimen of the under-appreciated Sky-Fi genre. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a standout Sky-Fi model like this, so let’s relish, shall we? The almost studless design is superb, and is enhanced by some clever color-blocking and custom decals. Oh, and those guns? Well played, sir…well played.

Step On It!!!

This dune buggy will definitely be doing a major Desert Dash to ditch these sand creatures sometime during the coming apocalypse, and Smile, it’s lego shall be there to memorialize the moment in LEGO ABS. This is a cool little vehicle set up in a throwback action flick / video game style vignette.

The Mecha Martial Arts

I’m new to the fantastic work of torokimasa and was blown away by this older mech design, White Croud. Both the poseability and the poses depicted here are highly impressive. This is even better looking than some of the actual mecha toys I had from the 80s and can strike a much more convincing fighting stance than many of those could. It’s definitely a must-see from all angles, and luckily there are plenty of shots on Flickr you can access by clicking through the image above.

What Is There To Hunt In A Wasteland?

Who knows? But really, it almost doesn’t matter, because this Huntsman by Dirks_Designs will look post-apocalyptically good while tracking whatever the prey may be. He’s outfitted in a really cool fur coat by way of a beheaded Chewbacca minifig. Oh wait…does this mean he’s wearing Wookiee skin? That’s as tough as it gets, I suppose. All in all, a fantastic custom minifig that sparks the imagination. Hunt on, good sir.

Showing Baby Cthulhu the Ropes

Imagine™‘s Cthulhu is pretty amazing, but the new baby one? As if yesterday’s Baby Jabberwock wasn’t enough, now we’ve got an infant/toddler Lovecraftian monster escaping the lost city of R’lyeh to hang out with brunette minifigs. The scene above, “Cthulhu Bite finds Daddy“, depicts these two lime green beasts of fear being reunited in an oddly touching way. Both creatures are exquisitely built and are a good break from the more technology-based MOCs—mechs, walkers, harduits—that tend to dominate the humanoid-shaped model landscape. The larger Cthulhu is featured in another vignette that is under consideration for the Rebrick Building Challenge; I recommend “Like”-ing it to help its chances. And if you’d like to see all of Imagine™’s Cthulhu MOCs, click here.