The Yummiest Sort Of Alphabet Soup

It’s no secret that I’ve really been into FBTB‘s latest “Alphabet Fighters Contest“. While I’ve only featured a handful of the entries here, that’s by no means an indication that the rest aren’t noteworthy. Quite the opposite, there are arguably some that are even more amazing that I didn’t include here mostly because of time and capacity. Voting officially opened yesterday, which means there’s now this forum entry that collects all the entries on a single page; an easy way to check them all including one-click access to each entry’s multiple views and details. (And, of course, if you’re an eligible forum member, that’s where you go through the same grueling decision process I just endured to select your five favorites. Tough!) I haven’t explicitly said it before, but, obviously, as a Star Wars Geek, I have to love this contest, but as an Art & Design Geek, this contest gets me extra hyped because of its sideways celebration of Typography. So it’s a “Two birds, One stone” situation for me. Good stuff. To get super geeky, FBTB‘s image above places the entries in order of submission, “spelling” out the following: V E T A i M i W k E F W T H E Q l X Q L I h W f i K W H b D G F V T D L Z D J B O E O T R a J E V C R O W G g G V Q G E P S H Z E X E T Y Y U L Z. To get ├╝ber-super geeky (“super” in two languages means this hits all new levels of geekdom…love it), Don Solo offers this link (mp3 – 483kb) to an audio file of R2D2 reading the code aloud. Priceless.

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