SRX Flexes Its Rahkshi Moxie

Who still uses the word “moxie”? Apparently I do, at least when describing SRX Industries‘ newest product, a custom Rahskshi Minifig. If one doesn’t think too much about it, this is hands-down a pretty cool offering. If you followed Bionicle, having a slick looking minifig version of this character is beyond fun…easily a great addition to your LEGO collection. This is especially great given SRX‘s stellar design that tries to incorporate TLG’s established aesthetic; this minifig is in perfect scale to interact with your little LEGO people and has connection points and details that blend more or less seemlessly into your collection of official parts. I give it up to SRX for truly pioneering here.

What this boils down to is that talented FOLs have gotten their hands on some off-the-counter or even freeware tech to create 3D models, made smart use of on-demand rapid prototypers like Shapeways, and are now offering all of us in AFOLville new and exciting stuff to look at / collect / play with / blog about geekily. The availability of a product like this definitely has some implications for the hobby that are worth mentioning elsewhere, but for now, check out what the brains behind SRX, the Flickr user known simply as Jonatha…≥, has accomplished with this beautiful Rahkshi minifig by clicking the main image at the top of this post. If you don’t need convincing and want to buy yours today, point your browsers to the product’s page at Shapeways. It’ll set you back about $10-$13 plus shipping depending on the materials you want it made out of.

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