Just the Cling I’ve Been Looking For!

Let’s just say that I’m no fan of stickers on my models. They’re too much of a commitment to me, especially because I tend not to keep things built and am most into the building part of the whole “building toy” thing. In my perfect world, printed elements would run aplenty, or at least moreso than they do now. However, I am really into the visual aspect of stickers and do think they can really add a whole lot to a model. With that said, the best middle-of-the-road solution is static cling! I’m late to the party, but apparently BrickStix has been making these available since ToyFair earlier this year. What’s especially notable about their product is that it was all dreamed up by a then nine-year-old KFOL named Greyson to accessorize his own models. My hat’s off to him and his family for bringing this concept to the table. Currently there are themed packs—WWII, Zombies, Comics, etc.—of the static cling reusable “stickers” as well as your garden variety decals that are apparently more positionable and less icky-on-the-bricky. Seems brilliant to me. The only complaint that I have is that the design needs to be pushed a little more in future products. In my opinion, they’re not quite up to par with TLG’s design sensibility, but I’m sure that this will change with time. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, so let’s just say that I think I’ll be designing myself up some static cling designs as a salute to these good folks. Stay tuned for more info.

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