io9 Nerds High-Five LEGO Nerds Over Tolkien

I’m a big nerd. As any self-respecting Internet-addicted nerd knows, is the place to go for all things science, science-fiction, fantasy, comics. etc. related. (Especially for those inclined to actual reading. We’re talking seriously good writing over there, folks.) I was pleased during my daily morning visit to see that they picked up on Kevin J. Walter’s epic Barad-dûr MOC, not only because it’s a remarkable example of intense modelling, but because it’s always fun to see other nerds give props to AFOLs. It’s like Tolkien himself walking up to some kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and saying, “Neat stuff, kids. Keep it up.” Hahahahaha. Click the image above to witness some healthy nerd bonding.

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