Honing One’s Craft

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It can be said that AFOLs in general are craftspeople, especially those who actively build MOCs and share their work publicly on sites like Flickr, MOCpages, or Brickshelf. I’d say there’s a bit of the old “maker” culture in all of us, including a drive to constantly improve our skills and engage in a process of sharing our work with others, getting feedback, and pushing ourselves to improve what we do in one way or another. But there are also those in the AFOL community who have managed to take their love for LEGO to a whole other level, using their overall enthusiasm for the hobby as fuel to move the game in truly bold, new directions. It’s with this in mind that I was particularly struck by the image above when I saw it on the Brickarms Flickr photostream. It seems that the next level in custom minifig accessories has arrived, specifically with the growing accessibility of overmolding techniques which, for those of us who geek out and consume the stuff, means we’ll be seeing some even more amazingly detailed pieces to make our minifigs look that much “cooler”. “So what’s the image and what’s the big deal?” What you see above is a bunch of appetite-whetting prototype railguns that will be available at BrickFair, many of which are overmolded to create multi-colored guns that look as if they’re made with different colored parts. In the end, it means some truly amazing possibilities. I have to commend Will and Brickarms for the demonstrated drive to bring us new and exciting options through a willingness to experiment and broaden their design and manufacturing skills. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing other custom minifig accessory houses following suit shortly, which only means great things for the fans and enthusiasts. Onward.

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