The “Minifigure Customization” Book Is Here!!!

Gawds bless the interweb! My inbox is being good to me today, as it just reminded me that Kaminoan‘s ultimate custom minifig resource, Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World!, is now available. If you pre-ordered it like I did, your print copy is in the mail. However, you probably can’t wait. So why bother? The digital copies are downloadable for your instant reading pleasure. Being sensitive to blogs doing the hard-sell to their readers about other people’s product (aka “OPP“), I’m usually pretty hesitant to “push” something this much on Ka-GO that isn’t ours, but this book is pretty significant to the historical development of the hobby. No, really. If you’re still not convinced, download the free 19-page digital preview [4.4MB PDF]. If you’re so moved by my words, order the the trade paperback today at 15% off the $9.95 cover price. I mean, that’s only $8.46, which we all know can’t buy you a decent set of LEGO these days anyway. (What? Did I say too much?)

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