A Review To Seal The Deal On Alien Conquest

Eurobricks is easily my favorite AFOL Forum, largely because of the sheer variety and intelligence of both its community members and (as a direct result) discussions and perspectives. But I digress… It’s also an extremely useful site with all sorts of nuggets of user-generated content. WhiteFang is one such user whose recent review of Alien Conquest’s Earth Defense HQ (7066) really sealed the deal for this FOL and convinced me that Alien Conquest is just the sort of theme I’ve been waiting on for a few reasons. If you haven’t yet seen images of the Earth Defense HQ, welcome to the planet. If you’re looking for a great place to see such photos as well as get the complete ins-and-outs of all that it has to offer, again, read this review. The images are top-notch, giving us some much needed close-up looks at the set’s great collection of new human and alien minifigs, minifig accessories, and parts in general.

Now, being lucky enough to be in a position to do so (or just stupid/LEGO-addicted enough to flirt with financial irresponsibilty), I took advantage of the Toys ‘R’ Us BOGO 50% deal to pick up some Alien Conquest sets. Needless to say, these were all fantastic. However, the Earth Defense HQ wasn’t available at the time, so this review is as close as I’m going to get. And based on this review, I’m starting to put away my lunch money. Heh. This single set sums up why Alien Conquest does indeed have most of what I’ve been looking for in a new theme. For a good idea of what my wants have been, see my themes wishlist post over at FBTB. As I was saying, this set exemplifies everything from the thematic wackiness, cool minifig possibilities, broad options for vehicles and playsets, playability galore, and even a great nod to the AFOLs who grew up with the retro space sets where big blue trucks and spaceships were all the rage, mostly because of the parts most of us had in our collections. The theme’s not perfect—more on that tomorrow—but a great sign of what TLG has to offer. At a time where the licensed themes seem to be getting a lot of shine, I’m thinking that Alien Conquest could give the Star Wars theme some real lust-for-it competition.

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