A No-Brainer of a Combo

If you haven’t guessed from following this blog, not only am I a huge fan of LEGO, but I’m a dyed-in-the-wool fanboy of most things comics and fantasy. So, to me, the 2012 Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention‘s decision to include a LEGO component to this year’s show is like deciding to pair Batman with Robin, Scott Summers with Jean Grey, or Bruce Banner with anger…a natural pairing. I’m excited about the precedent and hope it catches on, especially given this year’s Summer of the Nerd, my unofficial name for TLG’s offering of licensed geekiness—Superheroes, Lord of the Rings, and new Star Wars sets—along with the usual fun quirkiness of its original themes like Monster Fighters and Ninjago, both of which have seen some awesome new sets released recently. Oh, and we can’t forget what’s happening in comic book stores—Avengers vs. X-Men, Before Watchmen—and movie theaters—Marvel’s “The Avengers”, The Amazing Spider-man, Prometheus…. Oh yes, it’s a good time to be a nerd. If you’re able to make it out to Memphis, TN this November, you’ll definitely want to check out this amazing hybrid convention. Click the image above for further details.

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