The Basics: Meet

Meet Section HeaderThe AFOL community is filled with some amazing people that work hard daily to celebrate our favorite building toy.  The “Meet” section is a way to get to know some of those folks in a more personal way. For example, have you ever wondered where the folks behind your favorite custom accessory house—whether it’s BrickForge, BrickArms, or Arealight Customs—get their inspiration from? Or have you ever wanted to ask the faces behind your favorite blogs—The Ugly Duckling, Twee Affect, FBTB, etc.—what they look for in a “bloggable” MOC or what blogs they frequent themselves? If you don’t care, feel free to close the browser window now. If you’re also curious to know a little more about the folks behind the curtains, this is a good place to start.

If you’ve got an idea for someone you’d like to read more about in a “Meet” post on Ka-GO, please send your suggestion via a comment below. If you think the AFOL community should meet you here, I might be open to giving you the platform. Just let me know.

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