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When I first came across Shobrick‘s photography, I was blown away. Compared to most LEGO photographers, his overall aesthetic sensibility combined with the ability to create real drama and emotion using our favorite plastic toys are truly cut from a different cloth. To be precise, apparently these skills are cut from Parisian cloth, seeing as how the AFOL in question hails from Paris, France. I interviewed Shobrick quite a bit ago, but haven’t had the time to get this piece together until now. Luckily not much is out of date, so read on to get a privileged look into the process of a real LEGO artist. (more…)

BrickWarriors Take To The Field Of Battle

A few weeks ago while cruising through Flickr, I cam across some pics of new prototypes and product molds from a new outfit called BrickWarriors. A little investigation uncovered that long-time customizer “Thrashq4g” (aka Ryan) was the mastermind behind this new venture. Always a sucker for new minifigure customs, I sought out Ryan to find out more about BrickWarriors and his journey. (more…)

365 Days Of Minifig Fun

German photographer and LEGO enthusiast Andreas (aka photography.andreas) has been on a mission this past year to take test his AFOL photo chops with a project he’s dubbed “LEGO Project 365“. It’s pretty straightforward really: Shoot the equivalent of one photo of minifigs for every single day of 2011. The photo subjects range from minifigs being goofy to serious portraits that really accentuate how well-designed these little buggers can be. What caught my attention, however, wasn’t just the subject matter, but the quality of shots. I got in touch with Andreas to talk a little more about the project to try and learn a thing or two about his excellent LEGO photography. (more…)

Coming to a Con Near You: eclipseGRAFX

If you’ve been active in the online customization community, then you’ve likely encountered Victor Fernandez (aka eclipseGRAFX). Victor has often amazed with his custom lightsabers or various minifig creations. Over the past year or so, Victor has set off on a journey to create a custom minifigure business for himself. During the weekend of April 16th, Victor took another big step in that journey by setting up as a vendor at the LEGO Fun event at Lyndhurst Castle in Tarrytown, NY. Being curious about what being a vendor at a LEGO event was like, I reached out to Victor to find out how it went. (more…)

Who’s In Command Here?

My participation in last month’s Bricks by the Bay was a fantastic first-convention experience for both this blog and I. Perhaps the most rewarding part was meeting some of the talented AFOLs whose work I’d become familiar with as a fan over the years. One such encounters was with the folks of Brick Command—Brett & John—whose table was right next to mine in the vendor hall. After several great conversations about how Brick Command came to be, how their products developed over time, and the ins-and-outs of mass producing such beautiful ABS goodies, I realized that I had to make sure that we could repeat those conversations in the form of an interview for the site. Have you ever wondered how those great custom accessory houses conceive of their products? Well I have. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my nosy nature…an insightful conversation with Brett Warden, the AFOL at the helm of this fantastic powerhouse. (more…)

The Mute Swan Is Clearly Just A Myth

It’s no secret that I was a fan of the recently defunct The Ugly Duckling blog. When I first conceived of the MEET section on Ka-GO, I knew that I would feature an in-depth interview with that blog’s mastermind, Kyle Swan, known to most FOLs as Cygnet, to get his insight on LEGO in general, the world of minifig customization, and his take on the overall state of AFOLville. The potential of a great conversation between our two blogs seemed to be coming to fruition. Exactly 13 days ago I received an update on the progress of the interview. Talk about a mixed-bag: Cygnet assured me that the interview was coming, but revealed that it was going to be a little different in tone because he was strongly considering mothballing The Ugly Duckling. Enter my desperate pleas for him to reconsider. Unfortunately, the writing was on the wall…as the Ice-T classic goes, “Bloggin’ ain’t easy!” (Oh wait…) But, as you”ll read in the following interview, the mythical “Swan Song” has no basis in reality; this baby swan sings on with new LEGO-related projects. (Note: Who knew? As I learned from a recent baby shower, “cygnet” is the term used for a hatchling swan.) (more…)

No Universe Shall Be Spared

Justin Fong, better known to the AFOL world as the purveyor of Tin7 Creations, is a prolific minifig customizer who leaves no fictional universe untouched to bring us brickified versions our favorite characters. Whether it’s minifig versions of one’s favorite personalities from the Marvel Universe, the magical world of Harry Potter, or the ouevre of the Disney Studios, Justin’s on a mission to decal, sculpt, paint, and mix ‘n’ match his way to producing some rather creative works of art. Ka-GO got an exclusive look into how things work over at Tin7 Creations. (more…)

When Bricks Go BAMF!

Last week, I saw my “childhood” flash before my eyes. Thanks to Cygnet over at The Ugly Duckling, the exquisite work of Mike Napolitan was revealed unto me. [Cue angelic choir singing, "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!"] His artwork is epic, and can be found on his Flickr stream as well as his own blog, The Legion of Mini Figs. Mike’s fascinating take on Marvel Comics, 70s/80s/90s Sci-fi television, and G.I. Joe action figures in the LEGO minifig aesthetic was a no-brainer for this AFOL; I’d even go so far as to say that, as a kid, my interest in the three aforementioned worlds far outweighed my love for LEGO. (Whoa, right?) So I just had to connect with the person responsible for such beautiful LEGO-related creations, some of which are shown below. (more…)

Bill Ward Breaks Down 2011′s Bricks By The Bay

In less than one week on Thursday, March 24, 2011, more than 250 FOLs will gather at Santa Clara, CA’s Hyatt Regency for a late-night setup session. The event? The second Bricks by the Bay convention celebrating all-things-LEGO. The only convention of its kind here in the Bay Area will truly kick off with its core programming on Friday, March 25 at 9am with a series of breakout sessions where fans can focus on roundtables, workshops, and presentations on the aspects of the hobby that interest them the most. Truth be told, this will be my first LEGO convention ever, so I wanted to get a better sense of what I was getting myself into. I went straight to Bill Ward, one of the event’s co-founders and key organizers, to provide readers (and myself) with an overview of the entire Bricks by the Bay phenomenon. (more…)

The Basics: Meet

Meet Section HeaderThe AFOL community is filled with some amazing people that work hard daily to celebrate our favorite building toy.  The “Meet” section is a way to get to know some of those folks in a more personal way. For example, have you ever wondered where the folks behind your favorite custom accessory house—whether it’s BrickForge, BrickArms, or Arealight Customs—get their inspiration from? (more…)