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Play Well In The Playwell

Without actually launching a forum, I’ve been looking for a way for AFOLs to interact here on Ka-GO. The current solution is the Playwell section, an area of the site where folks can participate in online surveys, polls, giveaways, contests, etc. for a chance to win prizes. To kick things off, I’m giving away 22 prizes (FYI, the site was launched last month on 2/22)—3 Ka-GO T-shirts and 19 Ka-GO buttons—to 22 randomly selected folks who fill out this month’s survey. You have until 4/18/11 to complete it here

The Shirt Off My Back

Just in time for this week’s Bricks by the Bay convention taking place in Santa Clara, only a short drive south from Ka-GO HQ, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be selling this first series of Ka-GO t-shirts. (more…)

You Need The Skull & Bones On Your Chest

To celebrate the launch of the blog, I’ll be bringing a few of these to Bricks By The Bay in a few weeks. Which reminds me, I need to register asap and get a vendor table. If you’re there, please stop by. If you’re interested and able, please pick up a shirt and help me cover costs. Ha! I’m only making 48, including women’s sizes. If you want one, let me know by commenting below. First come, first serve. If I have any left, I may set up some sort of shop somewhere on this site.

The Basics: Something

Something Section HeaderStuff classified as “Something” is the self-referential stuff about this site. So what you’re reading is an example…a little “how-to” post about how content on is organized, etc. Simple enough. I’ll also post things like giveaway / contest announcements, site updates, merch announcements, and the like. How meta.

The Basics: Brickmemes

Brickmemes Section Header“Brickmemes” is for any recurring themes, ideas, scuttlebutt, brouhaha, goings-on, and what-nots  that seem to be floating around the AFOL community. It’ll also be the spot for editorializing about stuff that I’d personally love to get folks thinking about…to help spark conversation. Think of it like a more focused forum for things that seem to have captured some level of collective imagination (or, in all honesty, some stuff that I wish would). (more…)

The Basics: Behind The Build

Behind The Build Section Header“Behind The Build” is sorta like “Seen” on performance enhancers. The difference is that, rather than a short blurb and link to check out some great MOC you might’ve missed, here I plan to offer a short interview with the creator/s that gives some insight into all that went into it. I’m thinking the kind of stuff that would be fair game would be any info they’d like to share about the inspiration, what the building process was like, what build tips they used from other MOCs, what unique things they discovered while building it, etc. I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes type content about almost anything—movies, music, TV, art, etc.—so why not get some insight into some great LEGO masterpieces?

The Basics: Meet

Meet Section HeaderThe AFOL community is filled with some amazing people that work hard daily to celebrate our favorite building toy.  The “Meet” section is a way to get to know some of those folks in a more personal way. For example, have you ever wondered where the folks behind your favorite custom accessory house—whether it’s BrickForge, BrickArms, or Arealight Customs—get their inspiration from? (more…)

The Basics: Seen

Seen Section HeaderIf you’re as geeky as I am, you probably have a pretty good idea how much time I spend canvassing Flickr for a quick fix of awesome LEGO-ness. Over the past year, I’ve been building up a “scrapbook” of sorts of great MOCs that I’ve been impressed and inspired by, so I figure why not continue to do so here? (more…)

The Basics: News

News Section HeaderPerhaps in need of little explanation, the “News” section is reserved for news items of interest to us AFOLs. It’s the timely sort of stuff that we check blogs daily for. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not really looking to include a whole lot of the same sort of news found elsewhere since there’s a ton of great blogs out there that do an excellent job of giving us that sort of thing already. If there’s something pretty pressing or, for some reason, hasn’t really been covered, I’ll try to give it some space here. Deal?

All Systems Ka-GO!!!

All Systems Ka-GO!!!

“Activate interlock. Dynatherms: Connected. Infracells: Up. All systems Ka-GO!!!”

Two slash Two-Two slash One-One marks the official launch date of my new blog, affectionately dubbed Ka-GO, pronounced “kə’ ” or “kuh-GO” kinda like “ka-ching”, for the curious. After spending the last year or so coming out of a decade-long “Dark Age” away from the toy / artistic medium / wonder that is Lego, I’ve decided to build my own little cabin in the online Lego frontier-suburb-ghetto I refer to as AFOLville. After my daily pilgrimages to sites like From Bricks to Bothans, EuroBricks, and The Ugly Duckling to get my regular Lego fix, I figured I’d join in the conversation. After all, “The more the merrier!” right?

While I plan to focus on highlighting the occasional news item, I figure most of that is pretty well-covered by some of the sites already mentioned above. I plan on using this space to highlight cool MOCs I might come across while trolling Flickr and offer their builders a chance to answer a few questions about them, including things like the inspiration behind the build, insight into how they built it, etc. I’m always sending people messages asking questions and figured I’d share some of the great responses here for others to check out. We all have a lot to learn from one another. I’d also love to do some interview-type things with some of the folks who populate AFOLville. I mean, wouldn’t we all like to know more about the who’s, why’s, and how’s behind our favorite websites and shops?

And let’s not forget about the personal agenda., like most folks, has stuff he’d like to have a conversation about. I’m a “play well with others” kinda guy, generally speaking. In the spirit of Lego’s namesake, please check out the “Leg Godt” section for a chance to share your thoughts on stuff I’m personally curious about via short surveys or try your hand at building things I’d love to see via contests, all in the spirit of community building. (There’ll be little prizes given away there, for sure!)

The best-laid plans are nothing without execution. Like Hannibal, I love it when a plan comes together. So here goes nothing. Thanks for stopping by!
  AFOL / Ka-GO Editor