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I’m Up to Something.

Ka-GO is now Brick Something...

As you might have noticed, the times they are a changing. The blog formerly known as Ka-GO shall henceforth be known as Brick Something and all interweb traffic once pointed to should now be directed over here at So say we all. “Why?” you ask? (more…)

Do You Like Me? You know…like me, like me?

I love how social networking brings me back to the awkwardness of adolescence, publicly asking you all to “Like” Ka-GO’s Facebook page. Like the creepy kid, I’m even offering a gift for your digital love. As soon as I reach 200 “Likes” on the page, I’ll randomly choose a lucky person from the page’s “fans” to receive an unopened Hulk Minifigure (5000022). All you need to do to “enter” and be eligible for the giveaway is visit the page and click “Like” sometime before we hit the magic “200″ number. The announcement of the drawing and winner will be made on the Ka-GO Facebook page and here on Ka-GO, so check back regularly. It will include anyone who likes the page at the time, so if you’ve already “Liked” us (all 16 of you beautiful FOLs!), you’re good. Oh, and that also means if I’m drawing from a list of a little over 200, then that’s just the way MOC crumbles. So go smash that “Like” button already like little Brucey up there. Thanks in advance, folks!

We’d Love to Be Liked

Finally getting around to setting up a Ka-GO Facebook Page. It’d be wonderful to feel “liked” by you and yours. Please? Pretty please? (Yes…pathetic.)

I ♥ Me Some Minifigs

I came across the released promo image of Series 7 Collectible Minifigs last night on Bart Willen‘s Flickr and was instantly giddy. I had to comment, “Wow. I actually want most of these!!! Even Flanders Knievel!!!” [Yes, I just quoted myself. The blogosphere is aflame.] I really do think that these collectible minifigs just get better and better with each series. It seems like TLG’s taking notes from the success of the custom accessory folks and starting to design and produce unique elements that aren’t in existing sets. I mean, Series 1 featured some new pieces, but now we’re getting into alternative heads and lower bodies. Minifigs are truly evolving! Anyway, I was compelled to gather all the series promo shots as a single poster image because, well, I’m a big nerd. There’s a decently large 1130 x 2275 pixel version (PNG – 2.11MB) you can access after the jump that’s better than the one on my Flickr because of their yucky image compression; it’s not exactly “hi-res” because I had to go with the best images I could find, but enough to zoom in and see these in all their glory. (more…)

Sorry For The Downtime

On behalf of Ka-GO, I’d like to apologize for the unexplained pause in our posts for the past week. I know that the quickest way to kill a blog is to let it go for a while without updates. Rest assured, I ♥ this little blog of mine and fully intend to keep it thriving in the years to come, but I just need a few more days downtime to catch up with “real life”. There hasn’t been any crazy drama or anything like that. If you didn’t know, I’m a public high school teacher here in the California Bay Area, and school just started up again last week. I started in a brand new school this year, so I just need to get my bearings. Couple all of that with my beautiful four-month-old baby boy, and it’s pretty easy to imagine why I’ve had to lead a pretty LEGO-less existence these past few weeks. I will resume again really soon with a review of a really helpful iOS app for the iPhone and iPad that comes in pretty handy for the minifig obsessed FOL; a few lucky readers will even be able to download the paid app for FREE. Just a few more days…good things come to those who wait.

You are awesome. I hope you miss reading Ka-GO as much as I miss updating it. Please don’t count us out just yet.

ka.legoAFOL / Ka-GO Editor

My Best MOC Is 84 Studs High

When you run an AFOL blog, you get to do silly things like find random excuses to post cute pictures of your baby. So there. Koda will be 3 months tomorrow and, believe it or not, I actually believe he’s cooler than LEGO. Gasp! Definitely my best MOC thus far.

*Gone Fishin’!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who has been visiting us here at Ka-GO regularly. When I began this little project, I never imagined that people might actually be interested in checking it out so faithfully. I know that the key to keeping people interested in a blog is regular updates, so I wanted to go ahead and give you a heads up that the family and I will be packing up our Technic Prius and taking a road trip to introduce the KFOL-in-the-making to friends and family in other parts of the State. (Not to mention a short detour to a much needed nerdy pilgrimage to San Diego Comic-Con.) Anyway, I’m working on prepping some posts in advance, but there definitely will be a planned gap in updates between tomorrow and August 1. With that said, I’ll be back with a bunch of plastic fish as well as our regularly scheduled geeky musings on ABS bricks when I return.

The Mecha Madness II + Ka-GO T-Shirt Giveaway

Sorry for all the excuses lately folks, but I meant to get this out sooner. I’ve made arrangements with The Slushey One to give two (2) free Ka-GO T-Shirts as well as fifteen (15) Ka-GO button sets to a few lucky participants in his Mecha Madness II building challenge after the week-long event is over. All you need to do to be eligible for the drawing is the following:

  1. Build at least three new hardsuits for The Slushey One’s Mecha Madness II, which runs today to next Tuesday.
  2. Submit your entries to this post on The Slushey One’s Flickr stream.
  3. Include links to each of your hardsuits in a single comment below no later than Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 11:59pm. (Sorry, it’s easier keep track of who actually built three this way.)

I’ll be giving away one of each design away, so one person gets a Skull & Crossbones and another gets a Bricks&Plates… shirt based on a random drawing. Additionally, the first 15 people to add their eligible hardsuits in the comments below who don’t end up winning the shirts will receive free Ka-GO buttons. (There are a few designs…I’ll eventually put them up.) I’ve had the shirts and buttons for a while but haven’t finished the online shop portion of the website. Soon…very soon. But yes, they are for sale. If you don’t want to wait until my newborn baby says, “Daddy, I’ll give you a break to finish your online store,” then go ahead and post a message over at this post and I’ll get back to you to work it all out. Have fun building!

Sharing Space With A Certain Swan

From the desk of

Great news folks. It’s official: Cygnet of The Ugly Duckling fame will be dropping by Ka-GO to get his occasional LEGO blogging fix. His work on that deeply missed blog was a huge inspiration for me to start this little slice of AFOLville, and his perspectives are a perfect fit for what I’ve been trying to do these last few months with Ka-GO. I’m absolutely thrilled to have him here. Tomorrow morning, point your browsers back here to check out Cygnet’s first entry in what I hope to be a long series of contributing posts from a deeply insightful AFOL.

Big Ups To Bricks By The Bay

I’m very happy to say that my first ever LEGO convention experience was a wonderful one. I had a feeling I’d have a great time at this weekend’s Bricks by the Bay, but I’m glad that my suspicions were confirmed. I’ll be doing a proper wrap-up over the next week or so, but here’s a quick list of highlights: (more…)