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The Yummiest Sort Of Alphabet Soup

It’s no secret that I’ve really been into FBTB‘s latest “Alphabet Fighters Contest“. While I’ve only featured a handful of the entries here, that’s by no means an indication that the rest aren’t noteworthy. Quite the opposite, there are arguably some that are even more amazing that I didn’t include here mostly because of time and capacity. Voting officially opened yesterday, which means there’s now this forum entry that collects all the entries on a single page; an easy way to check them all including one-click access to each entry’s multiple views and details. (And, of course, if you’re an eligible forum member, that’s where you go through the same grueling decision process I just endured to select your five favorites. Tough!) I haven’t explicitly said it before, but, obviously, as a Star Wars Geek, I have to love this contest, but as an Art & Design Geek, this contest gets me extra hyped because of its sideways celebration of Typography. So it’s a “Two birds, One stone” situation for me. Good stuff. To get super geeky, FBTB‘s image above places the entries in order of submission, “spelling” out the following: V E T A i M i W k E F W T H E Q l X Q L I h W f i K W H b D G F V T D L Z D J B O E O T R a J E V C R O W G g G V Q G E P S H Z E X E T Y Y U L Z. To get über-super geeky (“super” in two languages means this hits all new levels of geekdom…love it), Don Solo offers this link (mp3 – 483kb) to an audio file of R2D2 reading the code aloud. Priceless.

The Custom World Just Exploded With Possibility

Once upon a time, Victor Fernandez aka eclipseGrafx, started making custom figs. Pretty early on Jedi and Sith characters became common subject matter, needing custom lightsabers. (Duh.) Thanks to some craftiness, Victor built a name for himself making custom lightsaber hilts and unique staff designs for himself and the AFOL community…the Internet was a buzz. If you’ve been paying attention to the guy’s Flickr Stream lately, you’d know that, as hinted at by this post’s title, the custom world’s been rocked by a true “explosion of possibility”—the scale of which I’d say is of the end-of-Alderaan-by-Death-Star proportions. So what’s the big deal? (more…)

The Heroes Of My Youth Are On Their Way…

…finally!!! Official herofigs and sets are coming!!! Yes, “herofigs“…perhaps I’m coining a term? As you know, I’ve “gone fishin’” for a bit, so my usual daily browser pilgrimage to the AFOL news sites was a little later than usual. You can’t imagine my excitement when I saw this piece on From Bricks To Bothans (FBTB). I had me a Supergeek moment…and honestly, it still hasn’t worn off. Yes, TLG has finally set up a licensing deal that, in my mind, rivals the existing one with that George Lucas property by announcing a new Superheroes theme featuring Marvel and DC. Click the image above to access FBTB’s Flickr set of the theme’s minifigs and Bionicle / Hero Factory / Ben 10 -esque construction sets as seen at the San Diego Comic-Con which officially started today. (There was a preview yesterday.) Aside from the exciting news that we actually get a full theme featuring the heroes of my youth, the icing on the cake is that part of my little “fishin’” trip includes a day at Comic-Con on Saturday. BAMF!!! Rest assured, I’ll be snapping my own pics as well. If it still isn’t clear how much of a giant comics nerd I am, check out these Ka-GO interviews I did a little bit ago with Justin Fong and Mike Napolitan; they highlight the herofig-related work of these two other FOL’s who I imagine are about as giddy as I am right about now.

Arealight Dots Its I’s And Crosses Its T’s

One of my favorite third-party custom accessory house, Arealight, is upping its game with some fancy new packaging, as shown above. Sorry Earth…as if putting out ABS plastic into the world wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got more plastic bags. Am I complaining? Nope. Contradictions, I know, but what can I say? I guess I’m a sucker for packaging, what with my childhood steeped in the happy blissfully ignorant times of the late 70s / early 80s marriage of the toy and cartoon industries. Ah well, let’s save the bigger questions for later and, for now, awe in the pretty plastic.

This Massive AFOL Project Could Be A Minifig Milestone

I’m ashamed to admit that I’d never heard of The LEGO Minifigure Catalog until yesterday, thanks to this Brickset Post about the new “LEGO Collector Book“. (Again, ashamed to admit I’d never heard about the firstLEGO Collector Book“. Boo.) Regardless, I’m glad I’m now in the know, because this soon-to-be-released book and iPhone/iPad app is right up Ka-GO‘s minifig-obsessed alley. This project is completely fan-initiated and run, which I have to get behind on principle, and even better…it looks amazing. The book is essentially a deeply researched, aims-to-be-complete database of officially released minifigs that features pristine new photographs in 1:1 scale. (more…)

Series 5 Review Has Me Drooling

Yeah, don’t mind my saliva. Check out WhiteFang‘s review of the Series 5 Collectible Minifigs over on Eurobricks and you’ll be navigating your own puddles of spit. I love these reviews because they really couldn’t be anymore thorough. There’s pictures from every angle possible as well as complete coverage of packaging, a complete parts breakdown, and cool shots collecting similarly themed figs into ad hoc sets. I’m personally jonesing for some Gladiators, Godzillas, Cavewomen, Boxers, Sherlocks, Lumberjacks, Eskimos, and Grenadiers…yeah, basically a complete set. Seems like TLG’s really using these Collectible Minifigs as an opportunity to explore some really cool accessories. Aside from awesome new helmets/headgear and hand-held stuff, we’re getting whole new hands (e.g. the boxing gloves) and a cool Godzilla tail attachment that, along with newish parts like Flying Mummy wings and seated Mermaid bodies, seem to be encouraging FOLs to envision minifigs in different body shapes altogether. Curious what folks think of this new series and which, if any, they want to get their grubby little paws on.

io9 Nerds High-Five LEGO Nerds Over Tolkien

I’m a big nerd. As any self-respecting Internet-addicted nerd knows, is the place to go for all things science, science-fiction, fantasy, comics. etc. related. (Especially for those inclined to actual reading. We’re talking seriously good writing over there, folks.) I was pleased during my daily morning visit to see that they picked up on Kevin J. Walter’s epic Barad-dûr MOC, not only because it’s a remarkable example of intense modelling, but because it’s always fun to see other nerds give props to AFOLs. It’s like Tolkien himself walking up to some kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and saying, “Neat stuff, kids. Keep it up.” Hahahahaha. Click the image above to witness some healthy nerd bonding.

LEGO Designer Mark Stafford Pulls The Curtain Back

Yesterday, on my required daily visit to The Brothers Brick, I came across this post which provided a link to a recent interview with Mark Stafford on the Portuguese-language FOL website Comunidade 0937. If you’re unfamiliar with Stafford, I’d venture to guess that you’d trade places with him in an instant. Why? Because this guy has “LEGO Designer” on his resume, which means he builds with LEGO daily…for a paycheck! He’s had his hand in many of the great sets that you and I drool over, including the Alien Conquest models which are shown above in both their Stafford-borne “sketch” model and final product forms. Stafford’s story is an AFOL’s dream. In addition to this aforementioned interview, The Brothers Brick also has an older three-part interview where he offers a thorough glimpse into what life is like for a fan-turned-LEGO-designer. These are a must-read if you haven’t happened upon it over the years. For ease, here are the links to the interviews.

  1. Comunidade 0937 interview
  2. The Brothers Brick Interview Pt. 1: From LEGO Fan to LEGO Set Designer
  3. The Brothers Brick Interview Pt. 2: Working as a LEGO Designer
  4. The Brothers Brick Interview Pt. 3: LEGO Fan vs. LEGO Designer

SRX Flexes Its Rahkshi Moxie

Who still uses the word “moxie”? Apparently I do, at least when describing SRX Industries‘ newest product, a custom Rahskshi Minifig. If one doesn’t think too much about it, this is hands-down a pretty cool offering. If you followed Bionicle, having a slick looking minifig version of this character is beyond fun…easily a great addition to your LEGO collection. This is especially great given SRX‘s stellar design that tries to incorporate TLG’s established aesthetic; this minifig is in perfect scale to interact with your little LEGO people and has connection points and details that blend more or less seemlessly into your collection of official parts. I give it up to SRX for truly pioneering here. (more…)

Get Slushey Wid It

Speaking of all that Slushey goodness, the We’re-Not-Worthy class builder known as “The Slushey One” has announced the second annual Mecha Madness challenge. This year’s theme? Hardsuits. “What is that?” you ask? A hardsuit is a mechanized exo-skeleton that a driver/pilot wears for battle, armor, super strength, etc. often featured in anime and sci-fi titles. Think of it as a wearable robotic suit. The Slushey One has done this challenge before, but is looking for other AFOLs to join in the fun. As far as I can tell, it’s not a “contest”, per se, in that there are no prizes. (Maybe I’m wrong?) It’s a sort of “show-and-tell” all in the spirit of good fun and community-building…the kind of stuff that I personally love about AFOL culture. (more…)