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TRON Never Quit…Why Should We?

Have you ever wondered, “Why not LEGO TRON?” Walk with me. Right before my sixth birthday in 1982, I saw the highly anticipated Disney movie, TRON. Given that I’m writing about it here 30 years later, it’s an understatement to say that it had a lasting impression. As an adult, I rewatched the original film when it came out on DVD in 2002 and, admittedly, had to do a lot of “looking the other way” in order to get through it…its shiny lights and cool sci-fi motifs were enough to satisfy me when I was six, but after being weened by three decades of ever-evolving levels of sophistication with genre film and television plots, themes, characters, and special effects—I’m talking Terminator, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, and the Marvel films, to name a select few—let’s just say the original film didn’t quite stand the test of time. Then two years ago, TRON: Legacy gave the franchise a much needed update, and I was one of the seemingly few who really enjoyed it. Sure, it wasn’t without its faults, but I found myself intrigued by the possibilities. So what does this have to do with LEGO? (more…)

Cleaning Up on CUUSOO

While some are “cleaning up” by getting a commendable 10,000+ people to pay attention to both their projects and the LEGO brand in general (many of whom aren’t dyed-in-the-wool FOLs, which I think is pretty good publicity for LEGO), it looks like The LEGO Group is quickly trying to do a little bit of “cleaning up” themselves. When the North American version of LEGO CUUSOO was launched, I was genuinely excited. I was pretty impressed by what I interpreted as The LEGO Group’s innovative experimentation with some pretty creative marketing and community relationship building strategies. The equation seemed so simple: Get 10,000 supporters and you might be seeing your project transformed into a high-quality LEGO product. Some hopefuls went to work creating unique projects to upload onto CUUSOO while others excitedly created CUUSOO accounts and handed out their support to all the fun proposed projects that they’d actually consider buying. But the reality of that all-important “might” set in, and it’s getting more and more apparent what the limitations of CUUSOO are. (more…)

The Basics: Brickmemes

Brickmemes Section Header“Brickmemes” is for any recurring themes, ideas, scuttlebutt, brouhaha, goings-on, and what-nots  that seem to be floating around the AFOL community. It’ll also be the spot for editorializing about stuff that I’d personally love to get folks thinking about…to help spark conversation. Think of it like a more focused forum for things that seem to have captured some level of collective imagination (or, in all honesty, some stuff that I wish would). (more…)