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An Epic Realm of Brick Fantasy: No License Required

Buffalo, NY builder Alex P., also known as Sirens-of-Titan on Flickr and simply A P on MOCpages, is a prolific and truly inspired AFOL. His inspiring focus and commitment to developing a single world has lead to this beautiful series of MOCs that provide beautiful visuals to a pretty engaging story in the fantasy genre which can be likened to the universes created by Dungeons & Dragons, Song of Fire & Ice, Malazan, and Lord of the Rings. But what really puts these MOCs over-the-top is the consistent quality from the smallest details to the largest structures. Each model is a mini-workshop on one or more building techniques. He’s been around a while, but I’m ashamed to admit that I barely came across his work last week on Flickr, so I figured I’d better take this opportunity to spread the word so that such talent can get the attention it deserves. (more…)

BTB: “Built Tonka Tough®” Redefined

Way back in the second week of March, I approached Karf Oohlu about doing an interview regarding what was then a work-in-progress simply referred to as the “AFV Project“. Over the months, lots has happened both in terms of his MOC and my own non-AFOL life, so the interview stumbled. In the meantime, Karf Oohlu kept plugging ahead with his project and was particularly great about posting a ton of documentation and in-progress shots on his Flickr. What follows is the result of some stilted Internet communication and about an exceptional MOC that, through some great building and a nice let-it-flow approach, eventually came to be known as The Tonka Truck. It’s a fantastic reminder of the exploration and problem-solving that’s inherent to playing with LEGO, thanks to this AFOL’s frank description of his own building process and a ton of great photos to illustrate how this project came to be. (more…)

BTB: Window Shopping Just Went To A Whole New Level

Legoagogo's PotC Window Display

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Legoagogo‘s creations, you will have missed out on a prolific builder who masterfully uses lighting to stunning effect and has a knack for intricate builds in various themes (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr. Who). In March he collaborated with his local Gamestation store in the UK to build a large window display for the launch of the LEGO Star Wars III video game. He’s re-teamed with the retailer once more to celebrate the release of Traveler’s Tales latest, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. With two displays under his belt, I was curious to see what a project like this might entail… (more…)

BTB: Checkmate! How The Rook Won The Match

Two weeks ago, I excitedly wrote about “The Rook”, a large-scale MOC by an AFOL aptly named ROOK. Even before posting that, I knew that this was a MOC worthy of a “Behind The Build” interview, as it’s packed with so many details and clearly took a lot of thought and planning to accomplish. What follows is one of the most extensive interviews with a creator on Ka-GO to date. You’ll not only get the low down on how this behemoth came to be, but also get to access some exclusive shots not available on ROOK’s Flickr stream. To zoom in on any photo below, click to your heart’s content. Trust me, Chess has never been this cool, nor has a MOC’s backstory ever been so deeply touching. (more…)

BTB: Emile Can Now Say “Aah”

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the latest creation from the “King of all Modders”, minifig customizer PEDRO-79. Using parts from Hazel’s Emile helmet and body armor, he’s taken an already amazing custom piece to the next level. PEDRO-79’s been kind enough to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how it was done. (more…)

BTB: Behind The Beacon

Tyler Clites, aka Legohaulic, is a MOC artist with a truly inspired vision. After doing a quick piece on his “Walkies” Mech yesterday, I decided to contact him about doing an in-depth interview about one of his newer creations, “Defense Beacon”. What follows is our short exchange about this phenomenally creative and uniquely textural piece whose image truly is worth a thousand words. (more…)

BTB: Dropping The F-bomb

Nannan Z is a builder I’ve always wanted meet. I’ve admire his work from afar for a while and noticed that he has a very unique approach to building, both in terms of form and content, aka badass skills and wildly creative ideas. Here’s my short conversation with this inspirational builder about a fun play on words he calls “Dropping the F-bomb”. (more…)

BTB: Afro-Samurai

When I came across DemonHunter‘s epic LEGO rendering of Afro Samurai, I was taken by his ability to capture the expressive and dynamic look of the character. (more…)

BTB: Space Shipping Facility

I know I recently blogged about this MOC as a “Seen” item, but I decided to try to get a little insight into L D M‘s creative process. There were a few questions I had, and I figured I’d share what I learned with folks here. (more…)

The Basics: Behind The Build

Behind The Build Section Header“Behind The Build” is sorta like “Seen” on performance enhancers. The difference is that, rather than a short blurb and link to check out some great MOC you might’ve missed, here I plan to offer a short interview with the creator/s that gives some insight into all that went into it. I’m thinking the kind of stuff that would be fair game would be any info they’d like to share about the inspiration, what the building process was like, what build tips they used from other MOCs, what unique things they discovered while building it, etc. I’m a sucker for behind-the-scenes type content about almost anything—movies, music, TV, art, etc.—so why not get some insight into some great LEGO masterpieces?