The Basics: Brickmemes

Brickmemes Section Header“Brickmemes” is for any recurring themes, ideas, scuttlebutt, brouhaha, goings-on, and what-nots ┬áthat seem to be floating around the AFOL community. It’ll also be the spot for editorializing about stuff that I’d personally love to get folks thinking about…to help spark conversation. Think of it like a more focused forum for things that seem to have captured some level of collective imagination (or, in all honesty, some stuff that I wish would).

I’m also thinking it’d be a great place to give folks some insight into what’s happening in different forums…what conversations people are having, etc. After all, not everyone is inclined to enthusiastically follow forums. Some folks are shy, others are too busy to keep up, while still others just don’t yet see the value because they’ve never really checked it out. As someone who’s pretty new to it myself having been a relative newbie on FBTB and Eurobricks these last few months (only after years of lurking), I can attest that it can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming all at the same time. My big issue is getting caught up in great conversations, but then getting pulled away by the professional / personal life and not having the time to follow where discussions have gone. So yeah, maybe this will be a place to tease some folks into checking out what’s happening with that aspect of AFOL life.

(Related Trivia: I heard that less than 5% of people on the Internet actually engage in forums or even comment on stories on websites that encourage it.)

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