BTB: Window Shopping Just Went To A Whole New Level

Legoagogo's PotC Window Display

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Legoagogo‘s creations, you will have missed out on a prolific builder who masterfully uses lighting to stunning effect and has a knack for intricate builds in various themes (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dr. Who). In March he collaborated with his local Gamestation store in the UK to build a large window display for the launch of the LEGO Star Wars III video game. He’s re-teamed with the retailer once more to celebrate the release of Traveler’s Tales latest, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. With two displays under his belt, I was curious to see what a project like this might entail…

I believe this is your second in-store display, the first being for the LEGO Star Wars III video game. How did you come across this opportunity? Did the store approach you or the other way around?

It was a mutual meeting of minds. The store manager loves LEGO and he knew what I got up to in my spare time! So, it seemed the obvious thing to do. The Star Wars window was a great success and boosted sales for them so I was asked back to create a scene to promote Pirates of the Caribbean.

Full Display Shot

You are fairly active on Flickr. How did you find the time to build such an elaborate and sizable MOC?

I would like to say that I have a Tardis tucked away, but unfortunately its grabbing hours here and there, after my boys have gone to bed or on days off. Wherever I can really, as I am sure that many AFOL do (and having an understanding wife helps!).

Full Figure Shot

The Pirates of the Caribbean sets just came out a few weeks ago. Did you have everything planned out and added the figs once they became available?

Yes, that’s right. I built the display while waiting for LEGO to release the PotC sets then replaced the figures where they were needed. Once I had the sets I tried to incorporate new elements where I could.

Can you take us through a quick tour of the build? What features did you know you had to include? Did you capture scenes from each of the existing three films?

I knew that I had to include the sea, a port and some sort of village/house. I also needed to include an iconic scene from one of the films and the thing that stuck in my mind was our first meeting with Jack on his sinking boat. I do that for a lot of my builds, try to crystallize an overall picture where everyone can recognize an “oh yeah” moment. You just get it without having to think about it. I had to make the scene fit in the window so it had to read left to right and the base could only be a 32×32 to fit. I then tried to make it blend from sea to shore to town as easily as possible. Once the ‘bones’ of the build were in, ideas just came flooding in. I try and keep in the ideas that will look the best and that both children and adults will both understand (I hope).

Are there any ‘Easter Eggs’ in the MOC that someone might find if they know where to look?

I always try and make the scenes fun so yes, a few. I have Spongebob and Patrick hiding down an alley and Mr Crab’s stealing from a Mermaid. Admiral Ackbar has joined the Queen’s army and I have replaced a bucket for a Stormtrooper’s helmet (you have to have a Stormtrooper in there somewhere!). And of course, my running joke with Jar Jar Binks, he’s joined the skeletons hanging from the rocks in the bay! He has superseded Ewoks as a hate figure!

What was one of the most challenging aspects of the build? What was the most fun?

Building for the window display presents more challenges than an MOC at home. You can’t use the same techniques for a one off picture, it’s a pure LEGO build so no 3rd party pieces. It has to be viewed from all angles, plus this window has limited space so I have to fit the build into the confines of the window which can be restrictive. The most fun was probably putting the display into the window. We had a crowd around us, and everyone’s faces lit up when they realized it was LEGO. The kids started shouting to their Mum’s and Dad’s and it was a good feeling to know that I’ve made something out of LEGO bricks that excites people. I think that’s why I enjoy Flickr, it’s a great community and there’s always a new build around the corner to inspire you.

Based on your experiences with these two builds, do you plan on doing this again anytime soon? If so, what would you anticipate the subject of your work to be?

These projects have been great fun and I have learned a lot. Being an ex-retail store owner I know the importance of instant impact and display. There are some more projects in the pipeline and we have joked about a Christmas window for this year already (which would be Hoth based of course)! So keep checking in!

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