BTB: Emile Can Now Say “Aah”

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the latest creation from the “King of all Modders”, minifig customizer PEDRO-79. Using parts from Hazel’s Emile helmet and body armor, he’s taken an already amazing custom piece to the next level. PEDRO-79’s been kind enough to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how it was done.

You’ve obviously created an amazing custom piece using Hazel’s Emile minifigure helmet. Can you give us a sense of how you went about building it?

The way I had to make this custom opening Emile helmet was by using two [of Hazel's] helmets. From one helmet, I saved the helmet piece, and from the other I saved the visor. This particular custom helmet was very difficult and time-consuming. I had to thin out the visor and helmet part where the visor goes so that it would fit flawlessly…lots of carving, cutting, and sanding on this one.

This is the fourth or fifth helmet mod you’ve done (I believe) where a visor or other part opens. What do you enjoy about these types of modifications?

This Emile helmet was actually the third helmet I’ve completely modified to open correctly. The first was Iron Man, second was the Cyborg Warriors, and now this one, the Emile helmet. I just love being able to take an already amazing piece and just make it better. I have noticed that I have been the only one so far to achieve this type of difficult mod, but I do believe people like Pecovam and Geoshift [can do this]. No offense to anyone else, because I believe anyone can actually do it if they put their mind to it, but I’m just speaking of guys that I have watched being able to mod and carve excellently!

Aside from the helmet, there are at least two or three other modifications on this piece. The custom knife/kurki is so cleanly done! How exactly did you go about making this and modifying the sheath on the arm pads?

The Kurki knife was done by cutting out the existing knife handle and then carving deep, but very carefully into the tiny plastic piece to make room for the custom Kurki. [The Kurki] I made using a LEGO knife handle and a piece of plastic from a LEGO sword—just cutting, sanding, and modifying to its correct shape—but I will eventually make an even better one when I find some time out of my extremely busy schedule!

We’ve talked about this before, but can you share with other readers the type of paints you use and any particular technique used for this figure?

I used to use [the] Mr. Color [brand] at first, but have very recently started to [use] and enjoy more the water-based paint by Citadel…it just flows very easily. This particular figure has no special techniques of painting besides the metallic [paint] used on the helmet where I used Mr. Color’s “Dark Iron” paint and then used my special technique of making it look like realistic metal!

Out of all of the custom touches you’ve added to this figure, which one was the most fun?

The easiest part of this figure was the removing the shoulder pads, even though I have noticed most people just cut them. I used my special carving tool to cut a very thin and curved line to save as much as possible. The hardest and most fun part for me was the opening helmet. It was the most difficult but most fun because I enjoy a challenge. The Kurki knife mod was also fun because it was just a challenge as well!

It looks like Hazel has even more Halo pieces planned for the future. Do you have any more mods planned for another Spartan in the line-up?

Yes, Hazel does have more Spartans in the line up and I will definitely be making some amazing mods, especially if it is a challenge for me. (It’s like adrenaline for me…LOL.) I would like to let everyone know that I have slowed down, but I am not done. I only plan on doing more and more amazing things, but right now with my baby boy on the way I have to prioritize important things with my extremely busy schedule. I do have a full time job and two homes that I take care of, but I will make time and come back stronger than ever!

We can’t wait to see the next custom creation…and the baby pictures!

Do you feel like taking the challenge and building your own? Well you’re in luck, my friend. PEDRO-79 is also the official North American reseller of Hazel Fantasy custom accessories. You can find the Emile armor set at United Armory.

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