BTB: Dropping The F-bomb

Nannan Z is a builder I’ve always wanted meet. I’ve admire his work from afar for a while and noticed that he has a very unique approach to building, both in terms of form and content, aka badass skills and wildly creative ideas. Here’s my short conversation with this inspirational builder about a fun play on words he calls “Dropping the F-bomb”.

PROJECT TITLE: Dropping the F-bomb

BUILDER: Nannan Z.

Curious how you came up with the idea of visualizing “dropping the f-bomb”? Are you into puns, punny guy? Heh. Seems like there might be an interesting story here.

This vignette was built for a competition on MOCpages called MocAthalon. It was specifically made for a category where the builder must feature a Duplo piece in a MOC. I wanted to use the Duplo bomb in a humorous vignette. The idea struck me as I was taking a walk, and the mighty F-bomb was made.

Don’t know how I missed that competition. Well, actually, I don’t visit MOCpages too often and I’m relatively new to the AFOL thing…doesn’t surprise me too much. To exemplify my newb status: There’s a Duplo bomb? Is it from a particular set?

It’s from a Duplo pirate ship.

Nice. Visually, were there non-LEGO things that inspired it, either intentionally or otherwise? It reminds me of the old Capcom game designs, like something out of Mega Man. How about inspiration from existing LEGO models or from other AFOLs?

There were no outside influences on this creation. The build was solely based on the literal interpretation of dropping the F-bomb and using the Duplo bomb piece.

I really like the use of the crates in the base. How did you hit upon that idea?

Thanks, I’ve seen this technique used before to create a nice texture. Using it here was a time-consuming way to achieve the height needed for the crane while keeping the base of the vignette from looking bland.

This MOC seems pretty serendipitous. Was there any level of pre-planning, brainstorming, or sketching involved? What was it like in terms of process from the beginning to the end?

I’m used to building structural elements such as the crane and base, so once I came up with the idea, the rest was a piece of cake. I made the bomb first, then the claw, the crane, and finally the base.

I’m always curious how long it takes for people to work on projects. What’s your estimate for this?

The creation only took about two hours from brainstorm to completion.

Last question. You’ve got a really good eye for photographing MOCs. I think you’re pretty good about displaying the right angles so we can check out all that’s going on while also making it visually interesting. Do you have any general tips or insight into how you approach photographing your builds?

Always use indirect or diffused light when photographing a MOC. Direct lighting will cast a shadow and create glare spots that are both unattractive and difficult to edit out. To achieve the white background, use a white poster board and increase the exposure or brightness settings on your camera. The raw photo [shown above] should have a background that’s almost completely white, so only basic editing is needed.

UPDATE: The day after I posted this I saw that Nannan posted video from an interview with The Dallas Morning News on The Brothers Brick. Check it out below to help you put a face and voice to the interview above. Oh, and get a small towel and tuck it under your chin before watching. It’ll help catch the unavoidable drool brought about by collection envy.

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  1. Nannan's Gravatar Nannan
    March 15, 2011 - 4:09 pm | Permalink

    Looks great, thanks!

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