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BrickWarriors Take To The Field Of Battle

Meet BrickWarriors, the newest custom minifig accessories house to hit the scene. This interview with the mastermind behind the operation, long-time customizer Thrashq4g, gives us some insight into the group’s production process and how the entire venture came to be. [MORE]

BTB: Window Shopping Just Went To A Whole New Level

You may be familiar with Legoagogo‘s MOCs, but what happens when his creativity gets put to work on a whole new level. Get the inside scoop on how this talented AFOL took the recently released Pirates of the Caribbean and created a fantastic window display that not only catches the attention of passers-by, but also communicates how fun and exciting these new sets are. [MORE]

Coming to a Con Near You: eclipseGRAFX

If you’ve been active in the online customization community, then you’ve likely heard of eclipseGRAFX, the AFOL whose custom lightsabers are legendary throughout AFOLville. In this interview, he shares his experience with setting up a custom minifig business and taking on the road to several LEGO events this year. [MORE]

BTB: Emile Can Now Say “Aah”

Ka-GO is honored to offer Cygnet UD’s first contribution, a BEHIND THE BUILD interview with master modder Pedro. This piece focuses on Pedro’s recent mod of Hazel’s Emile helmet from Halo Reach. It’s a great look into one of the best minifig customizer’s approach to the craft.